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Job Descriptions v Job Adverts and how to attract the top 15% of candidates to your vacancy
Job Descriptions are a truly terrible way of attracting top talent. I believe that traditional job descriptions / job adverts (often one is a cut and paste of the other), are a truly terrible way of attracting a candidate. This bothered me enough to go out and find a solution. Here it is. What do the top 15% of candidates actually want? Top performing ...[...]
I have just been asked by a candidate "How do I answer the 'tell me about your weaknesses'​ question at interview"​? Here is my answer.
A joke or contempt. Or both? In a word, contemptuously. Seriously - Interviewer: “So, Johnny - Can you tell us about your weaknesses” Me: “Absolutely, but before I get on to that, I was handed a message for you. Yes, here it is. The 1980’s called, they want their interview technique back”. What a joke. Angry v needy. If you are not angry with someone for wasting ...[...]
We’re all Freelancers now – LinkedIn just said so. Here’s what you can do about it.
Not content with trying to emulate Facebook (genius math’s quizzes and family updates anyone)?, LinkedIn have added a whole new direction to their services. Just for freelancers. They now want to be Fiverr or Upwork, because they have just introduced: ProFinder A tool similar to popular ‘freelance-for-hire’ sites. ProFinder matches customers looking for a specific type of product or service with a qualified professional. Here’s ...[...]