New Here?

First off… WELCOME!

Johnny Walker here and I’m super excited that we’re getting to know each other! What is RecruiterB? RecruiterB is the stand out alternative to Recruiter A, (you know the one, the young man with directional hair who throws CVs around like mud to see what sticks (or his female counterpart) ). RecruiterB helps financial institutions use effective high performance recruitment and 21st century digital marketing to dramatically improve the quality of candidates you interview, and significantly reduce the overall cost of recruitment, and all with no young men with directional hair sales people.

I want to be clear here. If you’re a financial services hiring manager who is looking to recruit change managers (Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Senior Business Analysts etc) or any change management across Regualtions, Technology and Operations, or if you are looking for Implementation Teams, Account Management or Sales capability then you’re in the right place. Our entire team and everything we do is built for this main purpose.

Johnny, where do I start?

I’d recommend taking a look at the Blog, it has a serious amount of value and we publish a lot of amazing content!
Then I’d maybe head over and sign up for the EmployerCraft Group, it’s an exclusive community for financial institution hiring managers. It’s free, but we do ensure you are the ‘right fit’ before we open the doors for you.

Johnny, I want to recruit top talent… how can you help?

First, go ahead and get our free guide about high performance recruitment. It’s really good and I know you’ll get a LOT from it. Simply click here.

Then, if you really want to up your game you can join the hundreds of hiring managers that have learned from the EmployerCraft video series – a short series of 3 videos, which take a deeper dive in to how to implement the Performance Hiring System for you. Again, it’s free, apart from your time commitment, (about 15 minutes each). If you’re truly committed to the success of your recruitment efforts – I guarantee it’s for you.

There is more under the ‘hood.’
So let’s get started, shall we? Blog or EmployerCraft Group or Free Performance Hiring Guide or EmployerCraft Video series (for when you are serious).
Okay – talk soon!