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Senior Compliance Manager with MiFID II knowledge. London

Not just a stock photo – this is actually where you’ll be working. Swanky.

MiFID II, Compliance, same old same old again.

So you know a bit about MiFID II and are a properly experienced Compliance Manager. This means you are getting plenty of calls about MiFID II roles that quite frankly are not aligned with you, or compliance jobs that are no better than where you are already. So far, so dull.

The solution – Straight in at number 1.

Time to punch things up a bit. Time to work for the number one in the market, a multi-million dollar start up, with a pedigree that is unrivalled. Now this is a job offer you do not get often.

So where can this nirvana be found? Enter our client – based near Liverpool Street and close to the bars, restaurants and tech community of Shoreditch and the hipster-central that is Hoxton.

World class, market leading, and totally committed to the tech of finance rather than the old school ways of doing things. This is where it gets interesting.

Nex is the new name for the Fintech business that remains once the traditional bits had been sold off (ICAP has been sold to Tullet Prebon and became TPICAP). Nex has swanky offices in the heart of the square mile and a truck-load of money. Also, a client rosta the envy of anyone in the market and a leading suite of products to help their clients win. Not your usual start up. Not your usual company. Straight in at number one.

Ooh, get you and your new shoes company.

You will be working to develop and support the growth of the world leading Electronic Broking fixed income and forex markets platform globally.  Ooh, that’s got a better sound to it than Compliance Officer specialising in MiFID II – doesn’t it.

You will be involved in strategic initiatives, the rollout of new products and services and regulatory improvements to the market offering, (new stuff for your clients to use – a happy client means a happy you, as well as a happy boss 😉 ). As well as working to ensure the successful day-to-day compliance of the electronic broking platform. Well, kind of goes without saying doesn’t it?

You’ve got to want to learn though and I mean build on a cross section of skills and knowledge of compliance and MiFID II as it applies to the Electronic Broking Market.

Work closely with and help Strategy and Product Teams, Development, QA, Operations, Support and sales teams to drive regulatory improvements to the Electronic Broking Market offering. Which basically means you are a star player, so get involved!

You da man (or woman) – So please can you assist in the day-to-day compliance of the electronic broking product market, including responding to regulatory-related queries and supporting the rollout of new solutions? Thanks.

Stuff you will do that would make this a whole lot easier.

  • Provide guidance to the firm’s fixed income and foreign exchange businesses and client solutions.
  • Assist with enforcing applicable firm policies and best practices.
  • Identify, assess, draft and implement relevant policies and procedures.
  • Manage regulatory examinations and inquiries.
  • Assist in conducting periodic training.
  • Assist in ensuring that there is an appropriate supervisory framework in place.

 HR then dived in to the cliché bin and produced these gems for you.

  • Risk focused, good written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Must be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Candidate should have a strong desire to learn and follow through with issues
  • Must be a team player, work well with others

Be part of happiness. Invest in your career, learning, a cool market and location.

Call me on 07721 739405 (I don’t need your CV at this stage, but if you want to, send it in to that’s fine too) and we can introduce ourselves properly and talk about the role in more detail and you can let me know your thoughts.

Speak soon (and I do mean soon – we are not hanging around to find this person).

Johnny Walker


020 7206 2530

07721 739405



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Founder and CEO RecruiterB

In May 2014 I wanted to expand my recruitment business but was horrified at the thought of employing a room full of young men with directional hair, who threw CVs around like mud, to see what stuck to the wall (:-0 surprise emoticon). I detest sales and those kind of sales people. It’s now 2016 and not without a considerable amount of time, money and study I have observed that sales is dead and that in the 21st century the customer now has access to all the sales persons knowledge, via the internet and is no longer being sold to, but is in fact doing the buying, without any help from the sales person at all, thank you very much. I studied some more and with this knowledge and the 17 years financial services recruitment experience, I have created what I believe to be the most powerful, high performing recruitment system in the UK financial services market. I am now giving it away free to employers, because I believe everyone should be able to lose the young men with directional hair, attract and recruit only the best candidates and do it for less money.

Discover the 7-Step
Performance Hiring System
For Less Cost Than The Bottom 85% Of Candidates. Every Time.
Find Out How To Hire The Top 15% Of Candidates -
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