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Solution Architect, specialising in IT Infrastructure and/or Security. £50,000 – £65,000 + bonus + benefits. And happiness.

 Not a stock photo – this is actually your office. Happy.

4 day week, 5 days pay, happy days.

It’s nice when the worlds biggest financial institution of its type builds a swanky new Head Office in Swindon (I’ve seen it, it’s plush – its own lake in majestic green parkland – beautiful place for a lunchtime stroll and recharge before the afternoon) – but doesn’t put in enough car parking spaces for everyone. It means you get offers to ‘work from home’ without even asking. Also the opportunity to do 5 days work in slightly extended 4 days time and have a day off not working – from home or anywhere else you choose not to work. Extra day living your life and not working anyone? Happy days.

Solution Architect – Results, performance and happy customers.

So, you are a Solution Architect and aren’t necessarily seeing the results of your brilliance show up in the business. Not here at Nationwide. The only thing that drives why anything changes at Nationwide, is the customer. And not in a marketing brochure line type of way. I actually got the following from the Manager, HR and team…so it’s for real “To provide great service to our customers it is vital that we draw on the skills of highly professional and experienced architects and assure the integrity of the solution throughout its lifecycle…. Someone prepared to drive and challenge both requirements and designs to ensure we deliver the right business outcomes”. No techno-babble here – it’s all about the customer and the business performance. Happy happy happy.

Happy coincidence.

If you can bring the following experience and knowledge – then it’s a happy coincidence that it’s also what we think will make for a great Solution Architect here at Nationwide.

  • A robust grasp of IT solutions architectural thinking, design and governance.
  • A sound track record and detailed experience in one or more key areas of the infrastructure and/or security subject areas. (Areas include; servers, desktops, networks, mainframes, end user devices).
  • A proven track record of architecting and delivering large-scale technical solutions across multiple platforms.
  • The ability to deliver technical solutions that support the IT strategic direction, the needs of the business and external regulatory demands.
  • The ability to quickly gain an understanding of our legacy IT estate and our strategic IT roadmaps.
  • Experience in creating high quality design documentation for review and presentation to key stakeholders and review boards.
  • Have the ability to work closely with non-technical stakeholders to support the shaping and creation of requirements and designs and have the ability to communicate technical issues and constraints to non-technical colleagues.
  • Be comfortable and confident multitasking and working across a number of projects and delivery activities.


  • It is vital that you can build a good working relationship with the other architecture areas, designers and key stakeholders.
  • Lead end-to-end architecture on a variety of projects.
  • Ensure solution integrity throughout the change lifecycle on projects and programmes
  • Ensure that all solutions are fit for purpose and have considered the future needs of the business and how viable the solution is to implement
  • Provide specialist consultancy and advice on complex technical design or change options and provide a balanced view of the respective issues and merit of different technical options
  • Have a personal drive to understand the bigger picture and contribute to and shape the current and future IT capability

Choose Happy

Would you like to have the day off / at home in the week? Then Nationwide is the company to do it with. Super swanky offices inside and super green outside, with super flexible working arrangements. Super.

If your office is a bit tired looking and your company has inflexible working practices and you want to be able to walk the lakeside walk as a Solution Architect – Do you really want to bring the happy for your customers? Contact me and make that happen.

Get Happy

Call me on 020 7206 2530 ore mail me I don’t need your CV at this stage, but if you want, you can send it to me too. For now though, let’s just talk about you becoming happy.



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In May 2014 I wanted to expand my recruitment business but was horrified at the thought of employing a room full of young men with directional hair, who threw CVs around like mud, to see what stuck to the wall (:-0 surprise emoticon). I detest sales and those kind of sales people. It’s now 2016 and not without a considerable amount of time, money and study I have observed that sales is dead and that in the 21st century the customer now has access to all the sales persons knowledge, via the internet and is no longer being sold to, but is in fact doing the buying, without any help from the sales person at all, thank you very much. I studied some more and with this knowledge and the 17 years financial services recruitment experience, I have created what I believe to be the most powerful, high performing recruitment system in the UK financial services market. I am now giving it away free to employers, because I believe everyone should be able to lose the young men with directional hair, attract and recruit only the best candidates and do it for less money.

Discover the 7-Step
Performance Hiring System
For Less Cost Than The Bottom 85% Of Candidates. Every Time.
Find Out How To Hire The Top 15% Of Candidates -
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