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We’re all Freelancers now – LinkedIn just said so. Here’s what you can do about it.

Not content with trying to emulate Facebook (genius math’s quizzes and family updates anyone)?, LinkedIn have added a whole new direction to their services. Just for freelancers.

They now want to be Fiverr or Upwork, because they have just introduced: ProFinder

A tool similar to popular ‘freelance-for-hire’ sites.

ProFinder matches customers looking for a specific type of product or service with a qualified professional.

Here’s how it works: 

1) You answer a couple of questions about the freelance service you’re looking for.

2) LinkedIn will then introduce you to the best local freelancers / professionals.

3) Receive up to 5 offers from freelancers ready to help.

4) And then you select the right freelancer, based on their experience etc.

ProFinder is being rolled out across their entire platform. Here’s a link where you can apply:

So, if that’s how LinkedIn see the future, what can you do as a freelancer, interim / contractor, to ensure you get found and get the work you want?

First, recognise that no one is looking for a ‘Jack of all Trades’. You must become a solution to a specific problem (or problems) and specialise. Without this, you’ll wander around aimlessly looking for that non-specific entity of ‘work’, which no one has available any more.

Everyone has problems and is searching for a solution to that problem – so become a solution. Ideally this will be a solution that you are really good at being, perhaps as a result of cumulative experience, and some qualifications or well-honed skills.

Once you have decided what problems you solve well, the rest is about getting found.

Candidates of the future won’t look for work, they will get found – it’s how a lot of things work now, via Google, Upwork, even Uber. No longer do you look up and down the street wistfully hoping for a taxi to be coming your way, advertising its availability. You solve your problem by looking for the solution on line and choose the solution only when you want it.

Freelance candidates of the future will have to articulate their ability to solve their chosen problems in a compelling way. *(Hint, we have developed just such a way and it has nothing to do with your CV).

In fact at each stage of the job search process (which is now a candidate being found process), you’ll need to re-think your approach and maximise the chances that you get found and not the other candidate.

  • Identify Your Next Boss (which you can now do, by ensuring you target your solution at their problems, rather than everyones problems) and
  • The Lazy way To Networking, which now leverages your network in a way you just couldn’t before, and
  • The Perfect CV – we can radically alter to support all of your other efforts AND never have to be written again AND be the perfect CV every time it is read (wow, we make this a really high performing document), and
  • Your Ideal Recruiter (who is one that specialises in exactly your market sector, and whom you have leverage over, so they prioritise you – something we’ll share with you), and
  • Your Perfect LinkedIn profile – your job is to be found, so we help you appear on Page 1 of a LinkedIn search for people with your skills. Handy.
  • Ace The Interview – now you’ve been found – ensure they say yes to you.
  • Negotiate Your Pay, (it is now a day rate and occasionally salary, but always tricky to negotiate and never needs to be) – we will help.
  • Secure Your Perfect Job – make sure that the risk between you accepting the job and starting the job is mitigated.
  • References and Testimonials – You must have this activity nailed. You may have heard of social proof – well, get ready for professional proof. It’s coming to your career, so know how to use it to benefit you.

Here is the future – you are a Freelancer and you need to get found. Better find a 21st Century recruiter to show you the way.

Now, where can you find a recruiter who can help you with all of these things……

Hiring Managers and Freelancers connect to me on LinkedIn here. 

Until next time – watch out for the young men with directional hair!



Walker |

Founder and CEO RecruiterB

In May 2014 I wanted to expand my recruitment business but was horrified at the thought of employing a room full of young men with directional hair, who threw CVs around like mud, to see what stuck to the wall (:-0 surprise emoticon). I detest sales and those kind of sales people. It’s now 2016 and not without a considerable amount of time, money and study I have observed that sales is dead and that in the 21st century the customer now has access to all the sales persons knowledge, via the internet and is no longer being sold to, but is in fact doing the buying, without any help from the sales person at all, thank you very much. I studied some more and with this knowledge and the 17 years financial services recruitment experience, I have created what I believe to be the most powerful, high performing recruitment system in the UK financial services market. I am now giving it away free to employers, because I believe everyone should be able to lose the young men with directional hair, attract and recruit only the best candidates and do it for less money.

Discover the 7-Step
Performance Hiring System
For Less Cost Than The Bottom 85% Of Candidates. Every Time.
Find Out How To Hire The Top 15% Of Candidates -
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