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This is what hiring managers tell me recruiters get so wrong – and how to fix it.

I have been writing for candidates about how to get a job in the summer slowdown and we will have completed the 12 part series on how to solve the ‘getting a job’ problem in the next few days. If you want to catch up on these, start here.

I am now turning my attention to all you employers out there. We have been speaking with some of you these past weeks, doing an informal, in person survey about what bothers you about recruiters and what you think would be of most value if it could be improved. I haven’t completed the survey yet, but we already have an overwhelming winner.

The answer is both depressing and so easy to fix.

You all agree that the recruiter is not sending you the right candidates. 

The candidates do not match the job brief, are not even getting past the CV stage and you are frustrated about the amount of time you are spending writing job descriptions, briefing HR and/or the recruiters, receiving and reading CVs, only to throw your hands up in despair at the quality of what you are getting.

Wrong CV equals no hope.

Your experience of ‘the wrong CV’ goes a long way to explaining why the success ratios in recruitment are as low as they are – if the success is breaking down at this early a stage, then the rest of the process has no hope.

But there is hope.

But there is hope. A solution to your problem is available. You can receive only those candidates who not only match the job, but who are in the top 15% of candidates for your vacancy.

So what is this perfect recruitment? How do you solve the problem of the wrong candidate CVs being sent to you?

Well, perfection is a dangerous area to talk about, but we should be brave enough to try and get close, so let’s take a look.

The hiring manager and all other stakeholders should experience a recruitment process and outcome that solves their problems. Whatever they are. If the recruitment process does not do this, then it will not receive their attention or effort and will become self-defeating. If your recruiter is not making sure this happens, you should start dialling down your expectations about now.

The candidates that the recruitment process attracts should only be the top 15% of candidates. And if the bottom 85% of candidates could simultaneously be deterred from applying, than that would be super helpful. If the recruiter is not asking the questions that make this happen, alarm bells should be deafening. More on those questions here.

The assessment of the candidates should be consistent. It should result in a consensus decision from all concerned. And be underpinned by a defensible scoring process that will stand scrutiny long after the candidate has been hired. I turn up for candidate interviews, which ensures this happens – why doesn’t your recruiter?

The candidate should say yes. I mean, what’s the point of going to all this effort if the best candidates get attracted, interviewed, assessed and then don’t say yes! So, the candidate should say yes. If there is not a structured process to make this happen, if you are leaving it to chance, luck, hope or your recruiters ‘closing skills’, then get another recruiter. My number is at the bottom of this article 😉

The total cost of this recruitment should be less than using other recruiters. I am all for paying for what you get. But in the land of perfection, shouldn’t the best performing recruitment process also save you money? Ok then, we’ll have a cost saving too, thanks. If you are not spending less, then you better have a compelling reason to spend more. (I do not know of one and neither do you. Just ask me and then you’ll also know how to lower your costs).

The quality of the recruitment should also have a positive impact on staff turnover and employee referral scheme performance. Hey look – if we are talking perfection – let’s really go for it! “This is not rocket science”, recruiters will tell you. Just as well, as some of them can not even match a candidate with a job….

Now that’s a recruitment process that’s worth having. It’s seriously high performing recruitment. It also has only 7 steps.

We call it the 7-Step Performance Hiring System. ©


Call me on 020 7206 2530 if you want to stop receiving the wrong CV.

For the rest of you – good luck and watch out for the young men with directional hair!



Walker |

Founder and CEO RecruiterB

In May 2014 I wanted to expand my recruitment business but was horrified at the thought of employing a room full of young men with directional hair, who threw CVs around like mud, to see what stuck to the wall (:-0 surprise emoticon). I detest sales and those kind of sales people. It’s now 2016 and not without a considerable amount of time, money and study I have observed that sales is dead and that in the 21st century the customer now has access to all the sales persons knowledge, via the internet and is no longer being sold to, but is in fact doing the buying, without any help from the sales person at all, thank you very much. I studied some more and with this knowledge and the 17 years financial services recruitment experience, I have created what I believe to be the most powerful, high performing recruitment system in the UK financial services market. I am now giving it away free to employers, because I believe everyone should be able to lose the young men with directional hair, attract and recruit only the best candidates and do it for less money.

Discover the 7-Step
Performance Hiring System
For Less Cost Than The Bottom 85% Of Candidates. Every Time.
Find Out How To Hire The Top 15% Of Candidates -
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